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I’m neurogalMD. I’m a neurologist who is passionate about helping people live fuller lives by teaching techniques that optimize brain health. The Buddha once said, “Our life is the creation of our mind.” Your reality is embedded within your mind. If you can master your mind, you can master your reality. My website focuses on teaching techniques to maximize brain health to improve emotional and physical wellbeing, creativity, and relationships.

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About Me

I am a second generation Romanian. Both of my parents escaped Romania during the 1980s, when the communist regime and its dictator Nicolae Ceausescu had their tentacles tightly wrapped around the country and its people. I will always admire and respect my parents' courage, and will never forget that they risked their lives to escape to a country that offered them and their children the opportunities they would have never had if they remained in Communist Romania.

I've completed a dual bachelor degree at University of Georgia in Psychology and Biology, as well as a minor in Spanish. During my undergraduate training, I also pursued a summer medical internship in Venezuela to improve my Spanish. Despite the political chaos during that time (2005/2006), I was fortunate to complete my medical internship. I had the honor of learning much from the physicians, medics and patients I worked with and helped.

I attended Medical School at Medical College of Georgia.  During medical training, I also was honored to have been inducted in the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and the Gold Humanism Honor Society.  Thereafter I completed an Internal Medicine internship and Neurology residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center where I also served as the Chief Neurology Resident. After completing residency, I completed a Clinical Neurophysiology at Emory University.  It was certainly an honor to work with Emory’s brilliant clinicians and neuroscientists.

I currently work as a neurologist and epileptologist. During my free time, I enjoy enhancing my reality through enriching experiences, such as painting, playing musical instruments, salsa dancing, spending time with my family, reading books, learning, teaching, and deep philosophical discussion.