Optimize your life by taking care of your brain
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Optimize your life by taking care of your brain

I’m neurogalMD. I’m a neurologist who is passionate about helping people live fuller lives by teaching techniques that optimize brain health.

Your reality, emotions, perceptions, and experiences are fostered by your brain. Your physical health, your relationships, and the way you deal with the world are all influenced by your brain. Your brain determines whether you have an exceptionally positive day or a day clouded by pessimism, whether you feel connected to those around you or feel isolated and alone. Your brain determines whether you reach for the sugar-glazed donut or the running shoes.

As Buddha once said, “Our life is the creation of our mind.”

If you master your brain power, you master your life.

My website focuses on techniques to optimize your brain health to improve your emotional anD physical wellbeing, creativity, and relationships.

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