The Yin and Yang of the Brain: The Right and Left Hemisphere

True creativity, success and balance come from strength of both hemispheres (and also the ability of both hemispheres to communicate effectively with each other).  Here are a few tips to strengthen both. Of course, you probably can't do all of these at once. Try choosing one or two of these to focus on and stick with them. Then try documenting any changes you experience as a result of these actions in a journal.

Strengthen your right hemisphere:

1. Seek new experiences.

Travel to new locations, don't just stick with the same vacation destination you have been to time after time. Perhaps travel to a destination you may not be completely comfortable with - you might hate it, but you might that you enjoy it more than you think. You never know until you try.

2. Let your imagination run wild. Pay attention to your dreams and take a stab at interpreting them, no matter how crazy you think that is. Over time, this will help you tap into your interoception abilities and potentially cultivate creative energies.

3. Meditate 

Strengthen your left hemisphere:

1. Create daily to-do lists to help keep you on task

2. Create daily habits and goals (that are good for you), such as exercising or reading a book before bed time. 

3. Plan out your week every Sunday. This will help hone in on the goals you want to accomplish before the week's end.

Strengthening both hemispheres (yes, at the same time!!)

1. Dance (or find any new hobby, but I am biased being a dancer..) 

This is is an especially helpful exercise, because dancing (not club dancing... but learning new choreographies) leads to many positive effects in the body. Both hemispheres are activated as one learns and memorizes how to coordinate his/her body in a choreography. Partner dancing is also especially helpful for older individuals because it helps improve balance (and thus decrease risk of falls) and also provides the much needed aspect of human touch, something that ironically diminishes as a person ages.

2. Play an instrument 

3. Read (books) 

I mention this in my video. I can't stress it enough.

4. Write

Try making a daily habit of writing a paragraph every morning.

5. Explain things that you learn back to yourself. 


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