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TDCS and Meditation: Can tDCS help you meditate?

Meditation can reverse the breakdown of brain circuits caused by chronic stress. Meditators report improved psychological wellbeing and decreased anxiety. However, meditation requires hours of dedicated training. People who try to learn meditation often give up because it can seem too demanding. Can applied electrical currents to the brain with tDCS make it easier to meditate? Can combined tDCS and meditation improve memory, concentration, and psychological wellbeing?

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Understanding Noninvasive Brain Stimulation with Marom Bikson

My interview with Dr Marom Bikson,a  biomedical engineer, researcher, and creator of with experience in transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS). We discuss what tDCS is, how it can help those with neurological/psychiatric diseases and potentially enhance cognition in healthy individuals. This interview also addresses tDCS safety and also touches on the barriers faced in using tDCS.

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